Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rude or Polite?

Okay, I have to ask this question... first of all, I have come down with some major sinus problems. Stuffed nose, sinus pressure, runny nose, sneezing........I feel okay but just have some extra snot I guess. So, last night at church, it was time to shake hands with people and say hello to those around you. I had just put some hand sanitizer on seconds before we were asked to greet those around us. I politely said to the man in front of me, " I just put some stuff on my hands and I think you would rather me not shake your hand..." He said he understood but it was also his first time to our church so I felt like maybe he would think I was a freak or think that I thought he was a freak. I just felt incredibly horrible to refuse to shake his hand but also would have felt equally as horrible to have touched his hand with my germ filled hands. What is the better thing to do? Shake and share germs or politely decline? What do you think?

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Andy said...

Shake it next week.