Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I have been listening to Mark Driscoll's series on Genesis.... it has been amazing.... and I am realizing that the Bible stories that we tell our kids as they are growing up are quite the stories when we include all the facts.... sure Noah was great, listening and following God to build an ark when everyone else thought he was nuts, but what about when he gets into his tent, drunk and naked. ? haha.
I am realizing even more and more how wicked we are without Christ. I have known this forever, really, but now I feel I really grasp this concept. We think the world is corrupt now, but it has been ever since the fall. Crazy to try and grasp.

I also have some things in life that I have really been praying about. I feel like I am being tested to keep trusting for the plans of the future. I feel like some changes are coming and am not even sure what that means, but I do know, that my hope is in Him, therefore, all of my worries and fears can go to Him. Now if I could just let go of them and actually hand those worries and fears over. Easier said than done.

On another note, President Obama gave a speech to kids today about staying in school and achieving goals. Lots of people were outraged and wanting their kids to be taken out of class for that time. I have a few opinions about it.... I do not feel that the speech is that big of a deal.... and really.... isn't it the parents job to teach the kids to stay motivated? Does anyone think that his 5 minute speech is really going to change the graduation rate from 70% to 100%? Too many of us want others to direct our kids...... being a parent is hard. We must take on that responsibility ourselves to teach our kids to work hard and stay motivated.

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