Sunday, September 20, 2009


It is pouring here today. We have not had rain in awhile. It is nice and refreshing and my plants really needed it. I also realized quickly that I am truly from the Pacific Northwest. It rains so often there..... hardly anyone uses an umbrella. We just deal with it. As the girls were headed to the car for church this morning, they came in wanting a coat to put on to keep from getting wet. I said "we are from the northwest, we do not used umbrellas or coats..... get out to the car and deal with it". Ha.... they just kind of looked up at me, like I was crazy! They survived. Got a few drops on them.... so what?! We may live in the midwest but some things about being from the northwest will never change about me and I will proudly hand them off to my kids!

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Andy said...

weather has been great here!