Monday, September 21, 2009

I want more for my girls than for them to grow up and be involved in bad, dead end relationships with nothing but a lost soul and an STD to show for it. I want my girls to love themselves, have big hearts, care for others, and love Jesus most of all. I do not want their hearts to grow cold to those around them, not caring about who they manipulate or fool along the way. I want them to strive for integrity, to be responsible, to let their yes be yes, and their no be no. I want them to desire God and His Word. To surround themselves with good, honest, God-fearing people. I want them to avoid big life-changing mistakes as much as possible... to look at the sins and mistakes of others and know to run west, away from sin. I want them to not be superficial, to believe and know that beauty goes much deeper than skin. I want them to follow God's plans, to be great wives, and to marry great men of God. I want them to be selfless, not just striving to do what pleases their flesh. I will not buy into the view that kids have to go explore the wild life and then come back around. I did not. That does not have to just be the way it goes. I know their decision to follow Christ is ultimately theirs, which is why these lessons must be taught now. No time to wait until they are teens..... it is the time to deal with the heart.... daily, making sure it remains soft to the things of Christ. This is what I want for my girls.


Andy said...

Nothing wrong with that.
Can I want the same for my boys?

Kristy said...

um... everything but the part about marrying a God fearing man! ;) You make me laugh!