Monday, June 14, 2010

Here are just some random things on my mind:

*I am getting closer to the date of my first 5K. I really am excited for that t-shirt to prove it!

*I often dream about vacations in Sunriver. It is my favorite place to be with my favorite people in the entire world.. my family.

*I am going to be married for ELEVEN years on the 18th of this month. WOW. I love my husband more each day. Seriously.

*I really wish I was growing my own tomatoes. I love home grown tomatoes. There is nothing like it.

*It is humid here. Seems more humid than years and summers past..... I do not like it humid.

*People come and go.. friends come in and out of our lives.... those who are true and who really mean a lot, seem to stay forever. I think those people are few and far between. Nothing bad about that, I think it is just how life goes. Seasons come and seasons go.....

*I feel as though I am constantly changing. My desires and wants change. My thinking changes, my attitude changes.... is this good?

*I really wanted to go white water rafting today...... isn't going to happen.

* We saw the new Karate Kid at the theatre the other night. I loved it. I love those movies where you can feel good about someone not being able to do something, but working hard to accomplish that one thing. Being dedicated. Good triumphing over evil. I love that!


Katie (& Daryl) said...

I sometimes forget to check your blog which makes me sad. But then I get to catch up which is good! These random thoughts are great. I too feel like things are changing. I just feel like I'm being stirred...ya know...

Kristy said...

I hear ya Katie!! Maybe you are going to move to Africa!!;)

Katie (& Daryl) said...

Or maybe we'll be moving back to WA??? Where are you going to move? lol