Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is a statue that belongs to a church up north from us about 20 miles. It faces the freeway and is known as butter Jesus or touchdown Jesus. It is huge and you can't help but see it while driving past. Well, last night, a huge thunderstorm rolled into town and lightning struck it and it burned totally to the ground. I think it is a bit sad considering how much money was put into it but also find it a bit disturbing anyways. A big image made.. manmade image... what for? A waste of money to me and just something to distract people from the real reason for worship. I guess you can say I almost feel it could be God's sense of humor. It was all the talk this morning on the news.. the story even made the Drudge Report!

On a side note, I took my kids to McDonald's for lunch today. I do not ever really do this but we needed to run some errands... and it is what they picked.... it was awful. The guy at the register totally got told he was on "lockdown" for leaving his register... he looked confused the entire time I ordered... and every mom that walked in the door reminded me of the Kate plus 8 lady. Loud. Bossy... LOUD. Ugh. I wanted to leave right then when the cashier looked at me like I had three heads and made me repeat my order three times. We stayed. The kids liked it and now they have some Shrek toy that will go in the trash later today.

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Katie (& Daryl) said...

Did you hear PETA offered to rebuild the statue but only if it depicts Jesus holding a lamb and says "Blessed are the merciful. Go Vegan." The church has declined the offer....
You are a great mom for putting up with McD's on a day like that!