Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Joel and I are at a time in our lives where we are facing some decisions that are pretty important. I am really praying for wisdom that the right and best choice is made. It is not going to be easy.

My sweet husband told me I needed to leave town and visit family. :) haha. Sounds a bit harsh but he was really being sweet. Things have been a bit rough for me lately and he kindly and smartly suggested I get away and go see my family. He knows they are important to me and a nice distraction from things here that I am going through.. these things are nothing big, nothing that needs medication to fix... just a season of my life with some tears and struggles. Really, these seasons are the best usually. Sorrow can be a great thing. Not something that needs to be managed.

All that to say, I am super pumped to see my family.. and for the girls to be with grandparents. I love that my husband sees the importance of this in my life and in Nevaeh and Jesslyn's life. It will be a time of refreshing for me. I time to have friends and family around to help with the girls and to give me a much needed break from my seemingly monotonous life. I can't wait. I am also really hoping for some nice weather to get out on my dad's boat. Fingers crossed!!

My first 5K is coming up too fast!! Just three more days! I can't believe it!

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