Monday, July 12, 2010

I am so behind on posting! So first off, I DID IT! I ran a 5K. RAN! well, maybe more of a jog. but NO WALKING! yay. I can't believe that I did it! What a rush. What an experience and what a feeling! Total strangers cheering for me! I loved it and hope to keep running in races and keep pushing myself to run further!

I have been in Longview for over a week. It has been a blast. We have been busy! The boat, the beach, a baseball game (where Nevaeh got slammed in the head with a fly ball!) She was a brave little trooper and handled it well! It was scary!

I am looking forward to the rest of my time here. It is so nice to have my parents around to help with the girls. The girls love them and they are the best at giving me a break from mommy hood and at pouring into my kids' life! It is a win win thing for sure!

I am currently hanging out with my mom- listening to Driscoll. ;) yes, she is loving him too. :)

I will post more and add some pics towards the end of my trip here. I need to soak up every minute I am here.

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Bethany Patrice said...

Kristy..I am at home for a week too. I've been thinking that I'd love to come back home and live here as a teenager, but knowing what I know now.

So glad you are getting to experience the joy and happiness of being with the people that love you most!