Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I think my nine year old is FINALLY loving school. Well, not really loving school but I see her being more anxious to learn and especially to write. I bought her two binders and she has been carrying them around for the last 24 hrs. I gave her a list of spelling words to put in the binder and she was grinning when I told her she had to write them a few times and have them done by tomorrow morning. She already did them and said now she wants to write a book. (with pink notebook paper and she wants to cover it with flowery wrapping paper). I am really looking forward to this year for homeschooling. I am focused and determined and am getting to spend my day with my two main girls. Teaching them about life as we learn how to read and write and count, etc.
We have already gotten into a pretty good groove and with gymnastics starting up again on Fridays and with art classes coming up next month- things are looking fun and full.

On a side note- I cannot seem to get this family out of my mind. This family who has been smacked with the realty of cancer in their sweet little boy. I am hugging my kids and loving them more now. You never know if things could change at any moment. I know this family is going to make it through it but it stills seems so unfair that their journey has to go down this hard road. Don't ever let a day go by without loving your family or kissing and hugging your kids. They are the biggest blessings from God and if you don't cherish them, shame on you.

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