Friday, August 13, 2010

Meteor Showers

I had heard that last night was the best night of the year to watch some meteor showers. So, my entire family was fast asleep while I headed to the back deck... it was probably still close to 90 degrees at 11pm and the sound of bugs in the trees was almost overwhelming and actually a bit of a constant buzzing that could have easily gotten really annoying... but I persisted and sat there, gazing up into the night sky. Can I just say that I have not gazed at stars for many years. Sure, I look up from time to time but I just sat there, head up.. staring. What an amazing thing. What a gorgeous view. What a great and huge God we serve. It overwhelmed me actually. What a mystery. What wonder. I sat there for a few hours... it was nice (minus the bugs.. which I do believe a bug bit me in the butt). Anyways, as I sat there, I was amazed... in awe.... what greatness... I felt small... but then remembered that even in my smallness- He knows every hair on my head, every thought in my mind, every word before I speak it... every desire of my heart. WOW.

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