Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Math books are out .... pencils are scattered along with some crayons on the kitchen table. I am so excited about this school year. I am looking forward to my kids learning... and hopefully having lots of fun in the process. I am so blessed and thankful that I get this opportunity with my girls. I hope I never go a day without being thankful that I have the right to homeschool, a hard working husband who makes it possible, and family that is supportive (well, most of them are.)
I took the kids swimming yesterday. It has been so hot here. In the 100's with humidity. The pool is a perfect place to be and the kids swim like crazy and get worn out quickly.
I also watched the movie, Book of Eli last night. I enjoyed it. Joel fell asleep due to his two days in a row of migraines so I watched it alone- but really liked it. I think a lot can be said about it. First off, I hope I treasure that Book the way he did. It really is full of power and I can't start my day without reading from it. I would like to say that I have the entire thing memorized like he did at the end- haha! I better get reading and memorizing.
So back to the subject of Joel's migraines- he went to the doctor yesterday and he put him on a pill that is preventative and should be taken daily. Come to find out, it is an anti-depressent. That freaked Joel and I out a bit but it obviously can be used for other things than depression. We are hoping it helps but really are leaning towards going with some natural preventative medication- anti-depressents scare me a bit! I have heard too many horror stories :)
Well, now that math is over and my blog is done, it is time to open up the language arts books...
Oh, and if you are reading this Uncle Andy, I want you to know that math is our favorite subject so far! ;)

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