Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy News!

I am currently home alone while Joel took the girls to buy a soccer ball. It is in the middle of winter but it was sunny today. I think that they think it is going to be spring soon. Not even close guys! Anyways, today was a great day. I started it out with some quiet time, a workout , a shower and then school with the girls. Every time I gave them a break from school, I spent it praying and crying for Ronan, the little boy fighting cancer who had surgery today...... I am so happy to say that it was a success. Not sure of details as of now, but surgery went well. It is so cool to see everyone come together on facebook and to know that people all over the world are praying and fighting for that little boy. I love when good people come together and support each other. I also found out that some friends of mine who have been waiting and waiting to have a baby... found out that they are indeed pregnant. They are going to be great parents. I love days when I hear good news like this. It reminds me that as awful as the world is and how it seems bad news hits us left and right sometimes, God is still in control and is doing awesome things among us.

This is totally random but this is my blog and I just have to say it... I cannot stand it when people refer to God as daddy or dad. I realize He is our spiritual father but for some reason it just totally creeps me out.

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