Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My heart is heavy today.... lots on my mind.

I have a lot on my mind today. Good things and things that make my blood boil. I realize we all stay stupid things, we speak when we should not, we are hypocritical and often find it hard to look at ourselves objectively. My husband is pretty good at looking at things objectively so I am trying hard to learn this from him and to put it into practice. First off, Christians (and yes I proclaim to be one) are so stupid sometimes. They say the stupidest things and have no idea the damage those things can do. I understand we are to be a light but sometimes we can cause more damage. I hate to see this and I am certain I have been guilty of this at some points in my life. God forgive me. I need to love as you loved.
Second, I am amazed at the blame game going on with this guy who took several lives as he opened fire in a Safeway in AZ. Can we not just come together as a country even on this? Lives are lost and we want to blame talk radio? that would be like me blaming a song on the radio for something I did.. seriously I do not get it. We cannot look objectively anymore. It is all about right and left. I am not even a Palin fan at all but there is no way I could honestly blame her for this nut job who did these killings. No one in there right mind does things like that. It was his fault. He did it... he is crazy, No one MADE him do it. Can we just look back and see things like this without making them political? without making crazy accusations? I just do not get it. I hope to God that I am never so blinded by my side of politics and beliefs that I can not look at things objectively. I know it is hard and I know I am guilty but it just makes me sad. Let's come together. Right now.
Another thing, I am trying to sell things on Craigslist and I am about to lose my mind. I have never had this experience before. People cannot be trusted. They send me spam all the time and it is getting old. They keep sending me links to Obama giving me money. GRRRRRR. First off, I don't want his money (he has none to give) and it is bogus! STOP sending them to me!!!

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