Thursday, March 27, 2008

Organic products and broken remotes!

The dog looks so kind and nice while relaxing next to Jesslyn but the remote tells the truth. He is still in puppy mode and we all know how crabby we can get when the remote is lost or broken! He destroyed it! Lord help me!

Here is a new product at Trader Joes. Organic suckers.... the concept completely makes me laugh..... they are very tasty though! I wonder if they are working on an organic doughnut?

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Kelly Weinberg said...

First of all...I still can't get over how big your dog is!! You might as well tell people you own a pony. Second...I think it is hysterical that Trader Joe's has organic suckers. If anyone would have them it would be Trader Joe's!

The picure of Jesslyn and your dog (pony)is precious! :)