Saturday, March 1, 2008

Food Coloring!

The other day, I had spent all morning getting the girls and I ready for the day. Baths, toenails and fingernails clipped, hair brushed and dried, ears cleaned, teeth brushed... the whole thing.. everyone clean and dressed in clean clothes!! As I was finishing drying my own hair, the girls come down the hallway and stepped into the bathroom giggling. I look at Jesslyn and she has red dots all over her face!!! The kept laughing even harder as I was trying to get an answer to what was all over her freshly washed face. Nevaeh directs me to the kitchen and then shows me the little plastic bottle that she had taken from my cupboard. FOOD COLORING! I tried to scrub it off the best that I could. There are still light red spots all over her face. I have no idea why that idea popped into their heads and it took me a few minutes to get over being I guess it is pretty funny. I just wish I would have thought to take a picture!


Kelly Weinberg said...

I remember when I was a little girl I got into the food coloring too! My mom was furious b/c it was on a Sunday morning before church and I was also all cleaned up and dressed in my sunday best!

If nothing else, It will make for a good story someday! =)

Angel said...

I have to often remember to laugh and take pictures when my boys do something like that instead of being frustrated that they just made a mess of themselves after a bath or right before we go somewhere. Josiah once got into my mascara and had it all over his face - it was hard to get off, but I took some great pictures and he smiled for them!