Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Day Full of Plays...

Yesterday I took the girls to the Cincinnati Children's theatre to see Robin Hood. It was so great. Entertaining and lots of fun for the girls. I was looking forward to a night home of putting the girls to bed and then myself to bed but we were offered free tickets to the touring High School Musical play. At around $50 a ticket, I just could not pass it up. So, we took another trip into the city... that might be the most we have made it there all year!...... Anyways, I was so glad that we went. It was great and actually better singing and acting than the movie. It was a full day for sure.
Just a side note... my dog or should I say my husband's dog is getting on my last nerve today. He chewed up my pink slippers (which Joel has actually been wearing because the dog ate HIS slippers TOO!) Joel looks pretty good in pink slippers by the way!!!! Pray that my dog will grow on me or pray that he will run away!

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