Saturday, December 27, 2008

*Christmas is over.... kind of sad... kind of glad......
*We had a great relaxing Christmas, but missed being around family.
*We are heading out to hopefully get Joel a new car. Dependable and good in snow... hopefully we can take some advantage of the weak economy and get a good deal!
*I am going to see family in January.. can't wait!
* my kids have been eating tons of sugar and have been watching way too much tv. (tis the season!)
*I am jealous of all the snow my family is getting... and wish we could be sledding too.
*I do not like the 70 degree day we are having..... messes up my wardrobe.
*I need to get back into the news... took a break after the election... time to start educating myself again... lots going on around us in the world today)
*that's all for now!

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