Saturday, December 6, 2008

The TRIP to dinner

So, last night Joel and I had a dinner date with some friends from Cincinnati. We were early to meet them so we decided to walk around the quaint little town before arriving to the restaurant. We finally saw our friends enter the restaurant from across the street. We started to make our way to meet them.... of course looking both ways before crossing the street. We were about half way across when I suddenly tripped.... and soon realized that my trip turned into a complete, full body, fall. That's right, completely to the ground. It happened so fast yet felt like slow motion. Joel asked me if I was alright (while chuckling some) and helped me up and over to the curb. I looked down to make sure there were no holes in my pants or blood on my shirt because I hit that pavement hard! We realize I am okay, and then the laughing began. I was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face and not to mention, I think my body was in a little shock at that point. I was totally embarrassed and not quite sure how many people saw me... the girl who bit it in the middle of the road. Joel said I held my purse up high as if I was trying with everything in me to save it from its death! He also replayed it for me and from his view, I guess I looked somewhat like Superman... arms out and up and feet out and up behind me. I did scrape up my pinky finger and have a bruise on my knee....... Joel and I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I am sure there were others who went home that night laughing at the girl who bit it in the middle of the road, on a busy Friday night!


Bethany Patrice said...

I am grabbing my gut right now because I am laughing so hard.

Angel said...

Totally sounds like something I would do!!!