Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I am taking the kids to see Rudolph today at the Cincinnati Children's Theatre. The girls have been singing the song all morning and can't wait..... although they are changing the words of the song to all the goofy words. It's getting a little annoying. Why do kids think that if you put the word "underwear" in a song, it makes it funny. I'm over it.
I am also trying to finalize my Christmas cards and get them out in the mail. Why is it that there are always a few straggling addresses that I don't seem to have. That is also annoying.
I watched The Nativity Story with the girls last night. Nevaeh totally got into it but Jesslyn was more into her Polly Pockets. I figured since I had a good collection of all the classic Christmas movies, I should actually own the one that is really about the purpose of Christmas. I did find it hard to completely explain Mary's role in the story without having to explain the word virgin to my seven year old. I guess I succeeded because I did not have to go there..... at least not yet.
I am also very excited that my sister and her family are heading back from Botswana. They have been there three years and will be on furlough for this upcoming year. They are making a stop in Paris to see all the sights. (wish I could join them). I am not sure when exactly I will be over to Washington to see my sister but I am excited to know that they will be closer and in the states. I need to start planning a trip to see them!


Mathews Family said...

"Why do kids think that if you put the word "underwear" in a song, it makes it funny."

Oh... that's not funny? I'll stop singing it too, then.

Edna said...

Dad and I watched The Nativity last night, too. We didn't have to explain it to anyone!!! He is going to show the wise men part in Sunday School.