Monday, December 28, 2009


Just taking a little time to look back over this past year.... it was awful in many ways, but in many ways it was a great year.

*My sister and her family are home for the year from Africa~ got to visit a few times, go to Sunriver with them, and they came here for the 4th of July. Many memories made. Precious cousin time that will stay with my kids for many years.
*Joel is working hard at Trader Joes~ we are so thankful for his position and for such a great job.
*My kids are happy and healthy... not one sickness (other than a puke here or two and snotty noses)... not one trip to the doctor.
*Joel and I are loving each other more every day... never perfect, but so great to love each other and to have a marriage that continues to get stronger.
*Nevaeh's reading has grown by leaps and bounds... it has been a struggle for her.... but she is now enjoying it even more than ever... patience has truly paid off for the both of us.

I know there are several other things I can add to the list.... and as of a few days ago, I was not really looking forward to a new year.. but for some reason, this morning I feel as though I am ready. I am looking forward to another great year of focusing on what truly matters in life.. valuing those I love more than the material things around me, teaching my children those valuable life lessons that will help them to love themselves, each other, others, and God all the days of their lives. Many of my friends have lost loved ones in the past two weeks, which is never easy .. especially during this season..... but it is a reminder of what is truly important in life. I do not want to live a life wasted... it could be gone from me at any second. I hope and pray that I can focus on the good in this new year.

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