Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Pictures will come in the next few days.... but presents have just been opened, the house is a mess of wrapping and bows, and the kids are going to be content with their toys... at least until lunch.
Yesterday, I took the girls to a church in Cincinnati to watch their Christmas presentation. It was amazing and totally creative and entertaining with a great message. Then, the girls and I headed to ihop for lunch, then to Target for a few last minute things. Then Joel got home from a busy day at work and Uncle Jesse arrived.... we ate Mexican steak and then headed to a local church's Christmas Eve service... then followed by looking at lights.
The girls woke up pretty early this morning... all excited! A bike, a scooter, a thousand DS games, snuggies, and more! Lots of fun... and we were able to do it while ichatting with Joel's parents in Canada... so they could feel as though they were here. Gotta love technology! Well, off to more fun with the family, an amazing Trader Joe's ham... and lots of desserts. MMM.... Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy those you love today!

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Byrne & Laurie said...

Kristy, Joel, Neveah, Jesslyn & Jesse ~

Merry Christmas!


Byrne & Laurie