Wednesday, December 23, 2009

While making cookies with the girls this morning, a random thought ran through my head. When I was old enough to drive, or leave the house with friends, my mom would always say to me "remember who you are and who you represent"... I am sure there were times I did not pay much attention to that or even may have rolled my eyes (shame on me).... but this statement is powerful to me. Many people go around life, doing things and making choices without caring one bit about how it makes them look, or how it may ruin their integrity. I know we need to be confident to a certain extent....... that we should not care what people think, but there is also a way that we should deeply care what others think. It amazes me that some people think they have the right to treat others like crap.
I am so glad my parents taught me to respect myself enough to put others first.

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Emily and Will said...

Edna you are a smart lady :)