Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am mad- so I blog. Dorky, yes. I don't care.

I am angry right now but will not tell you why. I can't. I will not blog about it either... there would be too many profanities.. and this does not have anything to do with politics. (believe it or not).

So, I am just going to write some random thoughts:

* my trip here has been great. I have great friends and family.
* I do miss Joel though- can't wait to see him.
* we went to Jerry and Nancy Higgins tonight. Good people.... fun house... great food..... nice to know there are still great people in the world.
* my girls fell asleep in about two seconds tonight. That is how much fun they had at the Higgins. Jerry loved them like they were his own. Nancy played games with them.... and let them makes smores.
* I really really really want to travel......
* I wish Joel would take up boating and forget stupid golf :) Joel if you are reading- HINT HINT.
* I think not all "men" deserve to be called "men"...... some will always be boys.... little boys who need Mark Driscoll to say to them "who in hell do you think you are!"
* I think most rumors are usually true... and if not, they very well could be and probably will be true in the near future.
* We skipped church today and went shopping.... love that even though my dad probably didn't want to - he did it. That is the kind of man he is. (He deserves to be called a man.)
* I brought two books with me on this trip... was hoping to read more on the plane coming out here but slept instead.
* I hate it when people think that they know you when they really have no idea who you really are..... and the reason they don't really know who you are is because they never take the time to figure it out.
* I am convinced that the main reason for going to the beach at Seaside is to eat candy and junk food.
* My husband has more insight and can read people very well- not many people give him enough credit for that.
*I feel better now that I blogged. Totally dorky...
* but guess what- some peoples opinions just don't mean one thing to me. So what if you think I am dorky.
* I tend to think that having a young child makes it really hard to not believe in total depravity.
* I often regret times when I feel I could have said more- but in reality truly believe that saying more would have gotten me in lots of trouble and honestly- saying more would not have helped one bit. So maybe it really isn't regret. Maybe it is just one more stupid reason I blog.

I love doing these random thoughts- makes me feel better...... not sure why. I have one last full day here in Longview. Not much planned... I am really excited to see Joel. It has been long enough without him. Part of me is craving routine again- part of me loves the carefree life of not really cooking or cleaning. I know I have mentioned this in posts previously, but coming home to family always (ALWAYS) makes me think about my life, re-evaluate it, and makes me ask myself how I can be better. Not sure why- just happens. I tend to think too hard but yet am glad my mind cares to even go there. I, once again, become thankful for family. Thankful for parents who think beyond themselves and love my children and Joel and I. I got to watch my sister's family- who is living life outside the box. Loving God and loving Africa- Loving their kids, speaking truth to them- not enabling them- not empowering them to rise up in themselves but to give them the power of Jesus. My blessings.... seriously.... are way too high to count and I will be thankful everyday for God's grace to me and my family.


Emily and Will said...

"but guess what- some peoples opinions just don't mean one thing to me. So what if you think I am dorky."

No, not dorky...just sassy! ;) My friend Matt says, "you can always say more but you can't take back what you said." You are wise to hold back. I've learned the hard way :)

Ps. I am beginning to realize that men like our dads are few and far between.

Bethany Patrice said...

seriously...I'm about to hop in my car and drive to see you. You are your views and your personality are so refreshing. I need a friend like you to live by me. The end.

Kristy said...

Bethany Patrice you get in that car and come here then!! I will even meet you halfway :) and that was seriously the best compliment you could give me because sometimes I think I am seriously going mental :)

Drew said...

"And it was great seeing Dash and Kaed and Andy." there, now your blog is done.