Friday, March 5, 2010

oh my....

Joel had yesterday off.... so the morning started out great. We had coffee together while the girls played, then the girls did some schoolwork and then we decided to head to Red Robin for lunch. Red Robin had just been built and the last time we drove by it was filled with people so we figured it was open. When we got there we soon realized that they were not technically open and that in order to eat, you had to be on a special guest list. Joel informed them that we were not on the list but the guy said "that's cool, we we just add you! " He then began to explain that everything was complimentary because they were training.. he also said that service might be great but might be bad and also might be slow.... so, we headed inside.... our server was being shadowed the entire time by another lady and if he did not say what he was expected to say, she would tell him to start all over again from the beginning. He seemed pretty flustered but all in all did a pretty good job... and we did not complain. We all had some great burgers and fries... and a big chocolate milkshake... all for just the price of a tip!
So, the afternoon had been going pretty well, we saved about $40 bucks for lunch..... not too shabby.... but then the day began to go downhill a bit. Joel came home to wash his jeep...... and as he was using the hose, there was this incredibly loud noise. When he came inside to grab a bucket, he noticed water was coming in our downstairs! He turned off the water quickly... but we had to completely take out everything from our storage closet (that is where the water was coming). The back of the storage closet was soaked! Everything wet.... Joel called a friend of his who is a plumber and he said he believes that the pipe was frozen during the winter and that it split when it became thawed out. So, it could have been much worse but it was irritating..... but I guess it forces us to have to clean out the stuff in that closet... because if the truth be told- most of it could probably be thrown away or given away.
Sometimes being grown up, having a house, and responsibility is WAY overrated.

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