Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Mann Family........

In just a short 8 days, I will be heading to Longview to see my sister's family one last time before they head to Botswana Africa for their second term as missionaries. This second term will put them there for four years. I am looking forward to this trip but yet am dreading it all at the same time. It is going to be bitter sweet. Lots of emotions.
I have had the chance to see them a good amount of times while they have been home for the year, which I am extremely thankful for. So as I write a bit more, I just wanted to talk about each Mann family member and what I love most about them:

Matt (brother-in-law) - I love his coffee making skills and his honesty. I love his desire to talk about deep things... He really is like the brother I never had. He is prefect for my sister.
Debbie (sister)- we are sisters who never fight... could talk for hours, and like the same things. I love seeing the way she parents her kids. She is an inspiration to me.
Hannah (oldest daughter)- sweet.... beautiful blonde curly hair..... and is so willing to play with my kids even when Jesslyn is starting to drive her crazy.
Zach- love his easy going personality. Love his taste in music and his dance skills... and love even more his randomness! He makes me laugh.
Elliott- one of a kind. Smart boy, lots of insight for a boy his age.... can call it like it is very quickly. Great trait to have. He will not be fooled. I love this kid's hugs. They truly are the best.

The picture above is of my parents with the kids.... this picture is not perfect, not everyone is looking... but I feel like our love is perfect..... my parents love for their grandkids goes above and beyond. Their world is all about these kids. They are investing a great legacy in my kids and my sisters kids. I am really thankful for this...... my blessings are too high to count.


Debbie said...

Tears are steaming down my face as I read you so much!

Bethany Patrice said...

kristy...tears are streaming down MY face as i read this. I know it's so hard to be far from family, especially when they are truly your closest friends and confidants. I will pray for your bond to be strengthened.