Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Okay.... this show has got to GO. Sure, at first it seemed fine... but season after season, trainwreck after trainwreck... please.... oh please.... go away.
I used to not be bothered so much by this show. In fact, I would watch it from time to time. I am not one who hates reality television and even admit to liking some of those ridiculous shows filled with drama and silliness. BUT- the more I think about this show the more it drives me nuts.
Here are my random thoughts:

* none of these girls had great fathers. They all need hugs and some REAL love.
* every girl mentions the word "fantasy" or "fairytale". NO such thing ladies. Movies are not real. Love can be great but it is by no means rose pedals and trips to tropical islands all the time. You think Jake was so amazing. Wait until her farts and grunts and pees all over the toilet seat.
* I firmly believe that when it is down to two girls... and the man always pretends he has no idea who he is going to pick- I think he totally knows. Either that or if he really was honest, he is wishing he could choose both. There is no way that every season, he waits until the last second to decide which one. He pretends to not know simply for television drama.
*the love these people talk about is simply feelings... giddiness, and emotion. While those feelings need to be there and are essential... they are just the tip of what love really is. I find that many really want that magical, fairytale movie-like relationship. I really think this is where movies and Hollywood have radically warped us. Real lasting love is much different than what any movie can portray.
*and lastly, it is amazing to me that this girls are willing to get dumped on national television... to cry and blubber while mascara is rolling down their face.....
*it is also amazing how every single rose ceremony because the "most dramatic one yet in Bachelor history"
*I do not know how the host keeps a straight face.


Drew said...

Of course the Batchelor knows who he's going to pick. He just has to keep it close to the vest for ratings sake - or at the very least, he likes the other girl and just doesn't "hurt her feelings". And how can 30 girls get so wrapped up in a guy they've never met in a matter of weeks? At best, they have a 3.33% chance of winning.

Katie (& Daryl) said...

I can't believe it either!!! I've never bought into they hype of the bachelor. I can't even stand the commercials! I feel sorry for these girls and the bachelor too. I was just talking to someone earlier about why people "hook up" with complete strangers. It just comes down to low or no self esteem. They do not know their worth! They don't treat themselves or the opposite sex with basic respect. And they don't have values. I could go on about how they were raised and how we've been desensitized but I'll stop...