Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Things I am Thankful For

Some of these things are meaningful and some are pretty shallow but are still things I am thankful for :) In no particular order. :)

1. a husband who does not play video games all day and sit in his boxers. He works hard, thank you Jesus.
2. two healthy kids.... I am learning daily to not take this for granted because it could change at any moment.
3. parents who are my best friends. They are full of wisdom and strength for me.
4. a house that keeps us warm.
5. running water and electricity......
6. not living under a dictatorship... having freedom.
7. the chance to go visit my family often. THANKFUL
8. Skype.. this helps me be able to talk to my sister's family.. face to face.
9. a church where the Bible is preached and the teaching is relevant to my life.
10. Mark Driscoll and his ministry.... I have learned so much from his teachings.
11. the chance to stay home and teach my girls.
12. Target :)
13. coffee
14. technology...
15. my hair straightener
16. my Uggs.. keeping my toes warm all winter :)
17. good and faithful friends
18. a large extended family.. I do not see them much but am thankful for all the memories as a kid.
19. my own health and health of my husband... we take this for granted.
20. the health of my parents... they can never die. I will not allow it :)
21. being raised with balanced parents.. letting me make my own choices within reason.... and not being legalistic.
22. my phone... sad, but not sure what I would do without it.
23. my deck.... being able to sit out and read in the warm sun.
24. Trader Joe's... a good place to work and great place to get groceries.
25. coconut and chocolate together... mmmm.
26. fall... pumpkins and leaves.
27. peppermint... I love anything peppermint.
28. laughter
29. my running shoes.. and my running app.
30. Jesus

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