Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ART CLASS.... and more

Wednesdays are the days my girls go to art class for an hour and a half! YES... it is awesome... I get to go have breakfast with a friend and they get to learn things that I am not smart enough to teach them. PERFECT.

The weather is getting colder. I love it but this means I make more fattening foods and feel like sipping on hot chocolate all day long. It is not as easy to be motivated to do much more than read a book or watch a movie when the weather is cold.

I listened to a podcast of Driscoll today on religion. It was so good. I am so thankful that I do not have a DO THIS or DON'T DO THIS list. I am thankful for freedom and grace in Him. I am guilty of having my own to do list and of convincing myself that if I do those things I am better or if I do not do those things I am worse. Thank goodness for grace and that He looks at my heart. There is nothing I can or cannot do to change His love for me. Thank you Jesus, for I am unworthy and hopeless without You.

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Sweet Annabelle said...

I loved art class too! I mean when THE KIDS had art class - :0) Those were happy days. Enjoyed reading through your blog! Thanks for sharing,