Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sister Wives

Is anyone else extremely fascinated and at the same time greatly disturbed by the new TLC show, Sister Wives?
I got caught up watching it yesterday. It is one man, married to three women, engaged to one. (I think they might be married by now). Between all of them they have like 16 or so children. Small all the way to teenagers. When he decided he wanted to court his fourth wife, he sat the family down and asked their thoughts... One young boy shouted, "go get em tiger!" Disturbing. Then while the one wife was having a baby, he said, "it feels a little weird to kiss my girlfriend while my wife is in labor." Then, the women constantly say how more is merrier, but at the same time they talk a lot about jealousy issues. I could not live like this. I could not share. It is like the man gets tired with the last wife so finds a new one to "court" and then adds her to the mix. No thanks. And do they really have a right to be jealous? Seriously? I don't think they do.
I have come to the conclusion..... women might be able to share recipes but not MEN. :) at least that's what this woman says.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I literally just laughed out loud at the sharing recipes comment! Really?? bahahahah! You crack me up! The show makes me want to vomit. Call me selfish, but I DO NOT SHARE! That is completely asbord and that lifestyle is insane! I will leave it at that for now! :)

~the anti FB user,
tootie pierce. :)

Anonymous said...

What? No "open" relationships? No "sharing is caring"? You are so selfish to keep your husband to yourself and expect him to do so. Poor Joel. Poor you for not seeing how many partners can live functionally together (or even in seperate houses). You and your judgemental attitudes... Just have fun Kristy, is that so hard? Who likes pancakes for breakfast every day anyway? The old way of "marriage" is joke and is/needs to evolve into something new, more modern, more realistic.

Or, perhaps you're onto something...