Saturday, November 6, 2010

My girls have my heart.

Nevaeh- I love your tender heart. Please always stay that way. Everytime we watch a sad movie, you end up in tears. You are giving, sensitive, and are literally the best big sister ever. There are so many times when Jesslyn irritates you so bad that you should just punch her (sometimes you do) but for the most part, you know what to do to make it right. You follow rules and know your own boundaries. Please stay like this. It will keep you out of a lot of trouble as you get older.

Jesslyn- you are still little to me.. but have always been independent. You make me laugh. You love to sing and dance and carry around a microphone. You are developing a love for reading which makes me so happy because your sister still hates it :) You love to help me crack eggs when I'm baking.. and you are pretty good at not getting any shells in. You are still little enough to need me and to cuddle on me.. maybe you will always want to do that. I sure hope so.

Yesterday, I was feeling a tremendous amount of love for my kids. I love them everyday but there are often days that I take for granted as a mom. Times when I just get irritated, times when I just can't wait to put you in bed. I am not sure why, but yesterday was one of those days where I felt so much love and so much happiness to be your mom. What a great calling and what a great mission for my life. To parent you, to mother you, to help you grow up to be the women God has called you to be. Love is a funny thing. It is strong, it is unbreakable and often unexplainable.

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