Thursday, March 24, 2011

and this is why Rob Bell is completely missing the mark here. I am starting to feel that that man has no idea what he really believes. He has asked too many questions in his lifetime which would be fine if he actually had some answers. Thank you Mark Driscoll for speaking truth even if the truth is very painful. The truth usually is.

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Katie (& Daryl) said...

I watched this clip although you know how I feel about Driscoll ;)
First, I agree with you that it seems Rob Bell asks more questions than he offers answers to (or maybe truthful answers?). I've had an unsettled feeling about him since the video that preceeded the controversial book of his. Second, I was engaged in what Driscoll was saying and believe he is being truthful and admire the last sentance of this clip. I just may go look up the rest of this sermon.