Monday, March 21, 2011


Today was one of those days that I hate. I had some calls to take care of and some things to get done and some bills to pay. It was one of those days that seem to get away from me. Days where I feel distracted from my kids and unable to focus on things. My mind is scattered and my thoughts are everywhere. I feel anxious and feel like I want to fix things that are out of my hands. I want our house to finalize and for our life in Kentucky to come to a close. I want to no longer owe KY tax money .. I just want to put that state behind me. It was good to us in so many ways yet so frustrating in so many others.
We managed to get schoolwork done today. Often on these kind of days, it is tricky to even get some schoolwork done. I am glad that we at least did that. So, now I need to calm down, let go of things that I cannot control, and let God do His thing. I hate feeling anxious and I know that I need to knock it off.

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