Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear Daughters,

To my Nevaeh and Jesslyn,

I am so thankful to be your mother. I love each of you and am thankful for the unique personality that each of you has and for the special way that God has made both of you. I know I will never be perfect but trust me when I say that I am trying my best, in my own human helpless state, to be the best mom that I can to both of you. I want good for you. I want your hearts to be pure. I want you to make wise choices and to come to me for advice if you are not so sure what choice to make. I want you to be honest, hard working, and I want you to grow up to be strong women who fear God. I want you to follow your dreams and to accomplish the things and desires that God has put into your heart. I want you to cherish family. To respect your elders, to put others first, to enjoy life to the fullest.... to be full of joy and peace and to share your joy with others. I want you to not settle. To always live by your convictions. To know what you want and stand by what you believe. I want you to not follow the norm, to be your own person, to stand firm in who you are, to love the body that God gave you and to honor your body in all you do. I want you to seek God in your life, to treasure His word in your heart and to never give up. I know that God has big plans for you and I can't wait to see what those are someday. I love both of you..... and am often amazed at how blessed I am to be a mother.


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