Thursday, January 28, 2010

the greatest pet for us

My sister sent my girls their own Zhu Zhu pets today. I had heard about these at Christmastime- only knew that they were the hot item and that is about it. Nevaeh has been begging for one- and has even been saving her money to buy her own. Aunt Debbie came to the rescue! She saw them at the store and decided to pick them up for the girls- not even knowing how badly they were wanting one.
They were watching and waiting for the mailman to come today. He finally came and they ran outside to get the package. I was so glad that I was not the one who had to go out in the cold to the get the mail today! (too bad our December electric bill came though.)
These little hamster are quite cute. The move all around, make funny noises, and twitch their noses. They may even do more that I am not really aware of yet. All I know is that these are my kind of pets. Run on batteries... don't poop or pee... don't need to be fed. No vet bills. No weird smells or vomiting. No cages or messy papers to catch the droppings. Awe- now this just might be the greatest invention for me. I think animals are great- love them... I just know that pets are not my thing. Sad, I know.... but its the truth.


Jennifer said...

& in reading this, my question still married Joel? ;) i'm sure he makes for a great pet.

Bethany Patrice said...

we have 2 zhu zhu pets, and they shall be our only pets ever.