Monday, January 25, 2010

My girls

As my girls get older, I am beginning to really see the distinction and personality they each have-

Nevaeh- she is BIG hearted. Cries at sad parts of movies, hates to see people sad, and is very aware of trying not to hurt other peoples feelings. She is that way around me- and I hope to God she is like that when I am not around. I know she is not at her full potential in this- simply because of being only 8 and still pretty selfish by nature- but my plan and heart's goal is to nurture this in her so that she will be a good friend to others and will even befriend those that may seem hard to love when she is older.
Nevaeh is also almost fully out of her shell. She no longer is inhibited by her own self. She is more confident and is gaining more confidence every day. She is also a fantastic big sister. She is (for the most part) patient, kind, and cares about her sister. She hates it when she cries. Just tonight, Jesslyn fell off the stool and immediately had a big bruise. Nevaeh was there before I was- making sure she was okay. Jesslyn has no idea how great Nevaeh truly is. One day, you will know.

Jesslyn- she is my silly one. Loves to show her "bare buns" to us anytime she can. She sings, and dances, and takes a thousand pictures a day of herself on my computer. She changes her clothes... all day. She still loves to snuggle and crawl in my lap when she is tired. She is social. Loves friends and is not really too shy... at least with those her same age. She also asks me the toughest questions. She wants to know why and how of everything..... she just asked me how many hairs I think she has on her head- when I told her I did not know- she said "God knows... and I think I have about 500." She is going to be a deep thinker. (at least I hope).

I am thankful to be blessed with two happy and healthy little girls. I already dream about us shopping together, talking about boys, and having lunch. The job of being their mother is so exciting and yet I am overwhelmed by all that I hope to teach them in these next formative years. Their eyes are on me. They are watching... and taking note of who I am as a mom. This challenges me and makes me strive to give it my best. So help me God.


Drew said...

You've inspired me. I'm going to do this with Kaed and Dash.

Emily and Will said...

Loved reading this. xo

Jennifer said...

Kristy, you are such an amazing mom!