Sunday, January 3, 2010

back to life, back to reality

It is Sunday evening... Christmas is over, the trees and decorations are down and put away... now what? We have been out of doing school for well over a month and tomorrow is the day we start up again. I am sad about all the festivities being over, but also am craving to get back into some sort of schedule, get my kids back in bed earlier, and getting things accomplished. It has been an amazing few weeks.... seeing family, hanging out, watching movies, making cookies..... so great. I love every minute of it and never get tired celebrating the season.
It is amazing how a new year can make you think differently. It makes me want to strive to be better. In everything. As a wife, mother, friend, daughter, etc.
As for now, there are just a few hours left in the day.... I am relaxing.. gearing up for a week of getting back in the groove. Usually easier said than done.

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