Sunday, January 31, 2010

too old to stay up so late

I had a great weekend but am getting old. I had two late nights and now am paying for it. So pathetic! I went to dinner with some friends on Friday night. We didn't meet up until around 9 and then sat and talked for hours after dinner. Then the girls and I headed up to Columbus yesterday to help celebrate cousin Will's third birthday. The cousins had a blast playing. We put them to bed and Emily and I built a fire (that is an whole other story) and just sat and talked. It was great... and relaxing.... but today.... right now at 6:23, I am so tired. Two nights of being up past 1:30.... just can't keep it up. How sad. I am old. UGH. So now I am home, and after a hot shower, I am sitting here in my sweatpants. YES.... right where I want to be!
Tomorrow will be busy- lots of schoolwork to get done with Nevaeh... laundry... and then packing for our trip. Arizona here we come!!

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Drew said...

Like you need a reason to wear sweats...