Friday, January 22, 2010

Some people are just plain CRAZY. Either that or it is me... I guess that is quite possible.

I can't stand people playing the victim.... drives me CRAZY.

I do not want to live life thinking it revolves around me. It is easy to do- but I want my world view to be much bigger! I am going to try and work on this for this year of 2010.


Drew said...

Because you're a girl, you definitely have "crazy" in you. You all do... Take it for what it's worth from a guy who's becoming more and more crazy.

Everybody plays the fool, sometimes.
There's no exception to the rule.
(Listen Baby)
It may be factual, it may be cruel.
But everybody plays the fool.

Kristy said...

nice lyrics! :) Andy- I think I lost my mind a long time ago..... you are not crazy... and if you were- you would have good reason.

Miss ya!

Emily and Will said...

"Some people are just plain CRAZY..."

I like to think of myself as elaborately CRAZY.