Sunday, January 24, 2010


I was thinking about today about a hard time that Joel and I had in our marriage. Not to get into lots of details, but we were at a crossroads. Things were not going well and we were about to go our separate ways. (thinking about this... it seems like yesterday, but is also hard to even believe- because of how well things are between us today). Joel had told me we were over- but he had someone who deeply loves him, who told him with strong, hard, tough love- to man up and remember those vows and to basically knock it off and be a man. This person was my father. My father loves Joel- and loved him enough to be truth to him- to tell him with tough love exactly what Joel needed to hear. Joel and I still talk about this from time to time and we are both thankful for the courage in my father to confront Joel. It was the turning point. Joel has never been the same. Starting later that day, our marriage began to be healed. I believe my dad was obedient to Christ- and confronted in love. I am so thankful my father did that. I know it was hard for him. Joel is thankful my father did that. Love confronts. Love is tough. Love is honest and true.

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