Friday, September 17, 2010

100 days till Christmas?!

Another morning spent on my deck. Coffee in hand, study Bible on my lap, kids still snoozing away, and Joel out on the golf course. I can hear the bugs and birds making noise in the trees, and the weather is just perfect. Actually a little chilly this morning, but that is perfect for me. I can hear school buses making their rounds, people leaving their houses for work, and can finally see some leaves starting to change to their amazing vibrant colors. I love these mornings. I love when I have time by myself in the morning. Time when the kids are still sleeping and I can get myself charged for the day. It is in these moments that I again realize the favor of God on my life. My life has had its ups and downs as we all have, but God has remained true and faithful. He has given me the desires of my heart and He continues to plant things there that I am hopeful will one day come into play. I believe and am starting to prepare for those things. Some would say I am digging ditches... ready for the rain to come... ready for His promises. I am thankful that I have walked my life with Jesus by my side. I am certain there is no other way to walk this life. It is too hard, too sad, and too depressing to walk it without the hand of Jesus. I simply could not do it.

On another note, I heard someone say yesterday that Christmas was 100 days away. I can hardly believe this.... but am getting that sudden urge to start preparing myself. Making lists, picking up gifts here and there. I am ready. I love it. My girls love it. Baking, christmas songs, shopping, and the list goes on. BUT- I will make sure to enjoy the fall and to take in every thing I can in the next 100 days.

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