Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall.... where are you?!

It was in the 90's today and will continue to be through Friday. I am ready for cooler weather. Joel, on the other hand, absolutely loves this weather. I am ready for my air conditioning to be turned off and ready for windows to be open. I am ready for sweatshirts too and also ready for sipping on a pumpkin spice latte while the weather is cool. I see some hope in my near future... if I can make it to the weekend, the next ten days after that start to cool off. Also on a side note, since moving out here to the midwest, I have come to realize that people here actually have winter and summer clothes that go in bins and are stored and switched out as seasons come and go. I do not thing people do this in the northwest... in fact, I know they don't. In the northwest, you always need your sweatshirts and jeans nearby. Putting them away in a bin for the summer would never work... and that is one more reason why I love the great northwest! :)

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