Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just call me Richard

I am so much like my father. My mom tells me this all the time but now I am really beginning to see it for myself. Even down to the little things like mixing cereals. I do that too, just like he does. We think the same. We have the same type of thoughts and same ideas about things. I also think we are not great listeners. I hate to admit that but I am afraid it is true. I try and listen while someone is telling me a long story but I often drift off to other thoughts. I am certain my dad does the same thing. It drives me mom crazy :) I am also not really into sitting around with a bunch of women and telling them my feelings. My worst nightmare is a church class just for women or a women's retreat. No thanks. My dad is the same way about men functions. No thanks.
My mom has often asked me what I think about a situation and I answer and she usually says, "that is exactly what your dad said." It is quite funny. Thank goodness I love my dad. He is great. A little quirky but great :) I guess that makes me quirky too but I am totally okay with that.

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Drew said...

I'll call you Little Richard.