Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lord help me to always be thankful.

Here are some things I thought about today that made me super thankful....

*Nevaeh is a fantastic foot rubber. She grabs the lotion and rubs my feet for me and it is honestly better than any foot rub I have ever had. She is one talented little girl.

*I went for a run tonight and took a shower once I got back home. As I was finishing up in the bathroom, I could hear Joel playing around and wrestling with the girls. They were loud, they were laughing, and having a blast. I am so thankful my girls have a dad that loves them, kisses them, and lives with them. I am so thankful. Thankful beyond words for this.

*my dad has been calling me almost every afternoon while he is doing the laundry for his carpet business. I love his calls. They are usually short but always nice to get. So thankful for a father and mother who love me and love each other.

*we had some rain today. I am super thankful for rainy days for two reasons- we need rain and rainy days make me smile.

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