Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Night At The Races

What a night! Friday night we headed out to dinner and then to Target to get the girls some pipe cleaners. (they have been begging for some so they can be crafty with them)..... and then we headed to Turfway Park.... where they have horse races. We walked in.... straight into a cloud of stale smoke :) It was packed with people. People placing bets, reading up on the horses, and of course people smoking. Welcome to Kentucky! So, we watched from inside then headed out to see a race while standing right at the track. Joel golfs with the guy who does the announcing... and he even does the announcing for the Kentucky Derby and has for many many years. Joel texted him to let him know we were there and he spotted us through his binoculars. He waved us on up to his special booth in the top... and we got to watch him announce two races. It was awesome. He practices before the race, looking at each horse, saying their names over and over again along with their numbers. He showed us how he determines the odds.... he sets the odds for the night too... and then he even walked the girls down to place a bet. We bet two bucks on horse number #3 to place first, but the horse came in second! We would have won about $10 if the horse would have took first. I am amazed at all that goes into horse racing. It is amazing and awesome to watch. The girls are hooked too... they wanted to go back last night. I have a feeling we will be going to Turfway Park any chance to can get!

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