Sunday, April 11, 2010

Debbie Downer!!

I miss my family today. The weather is nice, the girls are fighting, and there is nothing to do. I am actually bored. I would love to sit on my deck and read in the sun but the bees have taken over and I am out of bee killer. I wish my dad was around to help take the girls to the park.... and to grill some burgers. The weather here is beautiful today.... but my kids are yelling at one another, slamming doors, and just plain being mean. Oh the glamorous life I live. I would love to be having a family picnic or even better- would love to be out on my dad's boat. Oh how great that would be.

On a more positive note- I took the girls up north of Cincinnati last night to see my cousin Johnny and his family. The kids swam with his kids... and had a blast. It was great getting to talk to my cousin. We talked about lots of things... it is good to see family every once in awhile. :)

Enough of this stupid post. I am already fearing I will end up an old bitter women and am afraid I am already on that path. Enough is enough. Time to get out of this house and live life.... or at least take a trip to the store to get more bee killer :(

wah wah.

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