Friday, April 9, 2010


Joel and I took the girls to a Reds game the other night. It was free Snuggie night! First ten thousand fans were given Cincinnati Reds Snuggies. Fun. The game was good. We had cotton candy, hot dogs, and quite possibly the worst pretzel I have ever sunk my teeth into. (I always thought ballpark food was the best)- not at this place. After hiking up to our seats (one row from the top)... we sat there until the fourth inning and then decided to go walk around. The kids had a blast. Joel was getting them all hyped up to yell "Go Reds!" and every time they did, everyone would turn around and stare at us. I think we were in the old fuddy duddy area. LAME. Anyways, we walked around, got some snow cones and let the girls each pick out a stuffed animal. On a side note- as we were hiking up to our seats, I was reminded how deathly afraid of heights I am. I am unreal about this fear. I hate hate hate heights. Hate looking over railings- hate when my kids look over railings. It makes me so nervous. So strange. Just one more way I am like my dad.

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