Monday, April 26, 2010

Joel and I just recently signed up for Netflix... Nine bucks a month, one disc at a time, but tons of movies and shows we can watch straight from our computer at any time... and soon we will be able to get all the movies from using our Wii. I know this has been around for years- and why we never signed up sooner- I will never know. This is going to save us a ton of money and is so great! I watched Julie and Julia last night... which I loved. The kids can also watch all kinds of things. No more buying movies from our cable at six bucks a shot! Yay for great movies and yay for saving money!

Ya know, I just have to say, I am so sick and tired of politics. Here's the deal- know what you believe and why. Don't just hate everything George W did and hate whatever Hannity says... don't just listen to Olbermann and hate what he says or love everything Nancy Pelosi does... no what you believe and be educated. I am tired of people just jumping on a side- sticking to it cause they don't know what else to do... then those people judge the other side for the same things they do, just in support of the opposite side. It is so incredibly stupid. I have no idea if that made sense but it made sense to me and this is my blog so whatever.

On another note, my little Jesslyn is wearing my out. I can hardly put into words how challenging parenting has been with her lately. She wants her way.. all the time... and acts like she is two if she does not get it... and then I have to do the whole "life is not fair and over my dead body will you grow up to be a selfish adult who doesn't think of others and throws a fit when you do not get your way".. believe it or not I know many adults that way. Sad. I will not give up though. I will win this fight. I am determined to win. I know she can be sweet deep inside.... just got to get through all the ugliness first. You would think she would have learned this by now. Nope.

Well, it is a rainy day here in Kentucky... hoping to get lots of school work done with the kiddos. Perfect day for lots of math and reading.. although I am sure my girls would argue against that.

If you like lots of movies and want to save money.... go with Netflix!!!!!!!

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