Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here is Nevaeh telling Mr Craig how to draw a daisy!

And so it begins.......

Starting the color on the daisy.

The end..... well, with a little redness and swelling.

SO- I did it. I am officially inked. I have been thinking about this for over a year and after two cancelled appointments, I finally did it. I am really happy with it... I am not planning on any more.. seriously..... once I got my nose pierced my dad said, "oh great! Now you will have a back full of tattoos!" I see his logic but promise that won't happen, even if for the simple reason that there is too much backfat back there anyways!! :)
So, I am 33 and happily married and love being a mom... but still hated having to tell my parents. They are not fans. In fact, my mom said, "well, I hate tattoos and always will, but I love you and always will". I know they do not like them and I honestly found it hard to do this when I knew they would not like it, but I also know that they will still love me and that it will all be okay! My parents are the greatest! They are thankful this was not a result of a drunken Friday night.. but a decision I made as a mature adult.

And yes, my kids went with me! Some may find this odd, but if you knew the shop and the tattoo artist, you would bring your kids too. He loves my kids, and they had so much fun there. They were little angels and Nevaeh kept telling me not to run away cause she knew I was nervous and anxious. We called it our homeschool field trip to the tattoo shop.

In case you can't see, it says "Laugh at the days to come" This came from Proverbs 31:25 which says She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.


Bethany Patrice said...

confession..I have a tattoo as well. But, mine is nowhere near as spiritual. I have the Cubs logo on my left shoulder blade.

My next one is going to be on yours. It is going to say, "He fails us not."

Did it hurt on the foot??? The shoulder blade killed!!!!

Kristy said...

Bethany Patrice do you really?! I knew you had thought about one! oh my word, did your parents like it? Mine hate tattoos!
The foot was not bad at all- I have nothing to compare it too though- I had told myself it was going to be awful.. it was not great feeling by any means but as soon as it started feeling completely unbearable, he would move on to a spot that did not hurt as bad.... I was really surprised it was not that bad. It didn't take long either so that's good!