Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Monday...........................

This morning started out awful. Jesslyn puked twice in the night and then pooped her pants this morning. She is five so this was purely because of an upset tummy. ( I really think too much Easter candy- Mother of the Year right here, thank you very much!)
Anyways, she is doing much better. Eating and playing... and not pooping (at least in her pants.) Ugh. Makes me gag just thinking of it.
ANYWAYS- we have accomplished lots of school work this morning, which I am stoked about. I am also glad Nevaeh is natural at math. Lots easier on me!

I am cooking dinner as I type this... wow. What a glamorous life I live.

On another note- Joel asked me this morning what I thought of Tiger coming back to play at the Master's this weekend. First off, if you look at it as his job, then he needs to get back making money. Second, I just don't want to have to keep hearing all about him. Third, I will not be rooting for him. I hope he gets crushed. He won't though. The bad guys always come out smelling like roses. I will never understand that but have learned as I get older that this is usually always true. I just hope he has realized that being a man of integrity and of truth is far more important than playing golf. Even when your name is Tiger Woods.

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Emily and Will said...

Kristy, I hear ya about Tiger. I'm ready to stop hearing about it. Colin (one "l", thank you Joel) Cowherd will not give it a rest! Maybe after the Master's...?