Thursday, April 1, 2010

I came to a realization today.... first off, this might sound like a pity party. It is not. It's just reality.

I now realize that fall and winter are my favorite months.... I love warm weather... today was almost 80. The kids played outside, road bikes, came in covered in dirt..... but this time of year is tough for me. I usually tend to miss my family a lot. Spring and Summer always seem like the perfect time for families to be together... cooking on the grill, swimming, playing ball, etc. I miss those family cookouts and going out on the boat. I also become a golf widow during these months. Enough said.

On a bright note, I was very productive today.... got a lot done and even had a friend watch my kids a bit for me so I could do some things on my own. Pretty nice. I also bought the girls some balls and gloves today- it is time they know how to play catch!

Just a random thought- a mom's things are never her own. (my kids drink from my cup, take from my purse, eat my gum, and even try to put on my makeup).


Emily and Will said...

As soon as the morning sickness starts, your stuff is no longer your own. They go from taking over your body to taking over your whole house :) They steal our hearts, too don't they?

Kristy said...

well said auntie em.